I picked up my first camera when I was in elementary school. My parents bought me a 110 which was glued to my side throughout my childhood. I was always taking pictures of my family, friends, and just about anything that would pose for me. Whenever I'd come home from camp, or an event I would pile high on the kitchen table all of my rolls of film asking my parents to develop them and they happily always did.

I started working for a portrait studio in Anchorage, Alaska at 19. There I took family portraits, High School Senior, children, & wedding portraits. At 25 I became owner of the studio where I continued taking studio portraits. I also felt a strong desire to venture outside of the studio, and I quickly developed a love for landscape photography. Alaska is such an amazingly beautiful state and I knew I had to take advantage of that....thus Karla DeCamp Photography was born.
In 2012 my family moved back to Anacortes, Washington where I have continued my passion. I still take a drive a few times a week, to take capture the gorgeous land that I live in. I continue to specialize in High School Senior Portraits, Family Photographs, and Weddings.
I would not be able to create art on a daily basis without the support of my family. My parents who encouraged me from a very young age to always do what I am passionate about, and that things always work out. My husband, who works so hard to allow me to work at my dream job. And my kids who are my #1 fans, and my #1 subjects to photograph, I thank you all.  Please don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions for me. I look forward to creating new memories with all of you!

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